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    Quality & Hard Work

    Being a wedding client with Diamond Ring Media, you will quickly find out how much work we put into each wedding. We focus on providing the best possible video or photo footage. This means if we have to get on the floor, we will. Get on a roof? Give us a ladder and we will do it for the right shot. Each wedding has a different set and environment and our goal is to get the best shots under any circumstance.
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    Here at Diamond Ring Media, we understand how important communication is. We are clear with all clients to assure there is never  miscommunication. This is your big day and we are here to help at a moments notice. Available 24/7 by call, text or email. Last minute questions or maybe you just want to confirm everything to take stress off your shoulders. We are always here and always available.
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    Wedding pictures and videos last a lifetime but how odd would it be to view other friend's and family members wedding footage and it looks just like yours? That's equivalent to releasing a movie and only changing the location and characters and it's complete. That's 99% of the industry. We are the small 1% that delivers a new style built around the event for all photos and videos. We treat each wedding like a new movie with new characters and personalities because in reality, no person is alike nor is any couple alike. We stand by creativity and assure we deliver the absolute highest creative material we possibly can.

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